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Navigating Amazon Posts, the Social Media Revolution on Amazon US platform

Why Amazon Posts?

Imagine having the ability to place your product in front of the right audience, exactly when they're ready to buy. With Amazon Posts, that power is at your fingertips. DIY Mastery for Amazon Sellers is your comprehensive guide to mastering Amazon Posts, turning browsers into buyers, and significantly boosting your product's visibility and sales.

Amazon Posts is a game-changer, a social media-like platform within Amazon itself, designed to help you drive more traffic to your listings at no additional cost.

You can access it inside the Advertising Console and it's a strategic tool that enhances your product's visibility, engages directly with potential buyers, and leads to more clicks and conversions.

And the best part? It's absolutely free.

What's in It for You as an Amazon Seller?

Visibility. Engagement. Sales.

The pillars that determine the success of your product on Amazon.

Even the highest quality product can go unnoticed without the right exposure. This is where Amazon Posts steps in, offering a revolutionary way to showcase your products to engaged customers, ready to make a purchase.

With our Do-It-Yourself Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers, you'll learn how to leverage this powerful tool to ensure your product stands out in the vast Amazon marketplace.

With Amazon Posts is like having a private VIP lane to showcase your product in front of you direct customers. Zero distractions.

What You'll Discover in Our Step-by-Step Course to Amazon Posts Mastery

Our course is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind.

Introduction to Amazon Posts

Discover the basics and the potential of Amazon Posts for your business.

Getting Started with Amazon Posts

Learn how to set up your account and prepare for success.

Designing Your Posts Strategy

Strategize Amazon Posts to capture and engage your ideal audience.

Creating Engaging Visuals

Craft visuals that stop scrollers in their tracks.

Crafting Compelling Copy

Write copy that converts with ease.

Publishing Your Amazon Posts

Master the art of timing and consistency.

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Posts

Analyze and improve for continuous growth and even more visibility.

Amazon Posts Case Studies and Success Stories

Get inspired by real success stories and replicate their strategies.

Get more visibility for your products by leveraging Amazon's Social Media

Supercharge Your Business with Amazon Posts

See the Results for Yourself

Our course includes detailed case studies and graphical representations of traffic results from Amazon Posts.

"This listing obtained more than 43K views solely from Amazon Posts", one case study reveals.

These are real results from sellers who've harnessed the power of Amazon Posts to gain unprecedented exposure and direct traffic to their products.

By understanding and applying the strategies outlined in our course, you too can experience unprecedented exposure and direct more traffic to your products.

Embrace the power of Amazon Posts and start transforming your sales strategy today.


Hear from satisfied sellers who've transformed their Amazon journey with our Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers. Their success stories are not just inspiring; they're a testament to the power of applying the knowledge you'll gain from this course.

"Before taking this Amazon Posts Course, I was completely in the dark about how to leverage Amazon Posts for my business. The step-by-step guidance on signing up and creating effective posts was a game-changer. I realized how easy and straightforward it was to implement this powerful tool. In just a few weeks, I've seen a significant increase in views and clicks on my products, impacting my sales in the most positive way. This course has been invaluable in unlocking a new avenue for promoting my business on Amazon."

Maria - Amazon Seller - Toys and Games

"Thanks to this Amazon Posts Course, I finally understand the power of Amazon Posts. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the idea of adding another tool to my Amazon marketing strategy. However, the course made it so easy to understand and implement. The results speak for themselves - my posts have gained extra visibility, leading to more clicks and, most importantly, increased sales. It's incredible to see such direct feedback from the effort put into Amazon Posts, and I couldn't have done it without this course. This course is essential for anyone looking to enhance their Amazon product visibility."

Sarah - Amazon seller - Kitchen Tools

"Creating content for Amazon Posts always seemed like a daunting task until I took this Amazon Posts Course. The practical advice on using tools like Canva and ChatGPT revolutionized my content creation process. I'm now able to produce engaging and visually appealing posts much faster and more efficiently than ever before. This course has not only saved me time but also improved the quality of my Amazon Posts, making my products stand out from the competition."

Mike - Amazon seller - SKINCARE products

Why Act Now?

Amazon Posts is preparing the ground for Amazon Inspire, and those who master it now will be ahead of the curve.

Amazon Posts can provide you with an abundance of views, clicks, and sales, and its user-friendly design allows for seamless integration of photos and videos directly from your advertising console.

This platform is currently free and underutilized, offering a competitive advantage that won't last forever.

By integrating Amazon Posts into your strategy today, you position your products for maximum visibility, engagement, and sales.

Give your Amazon Product the Visibility it Deserves

Leverage Amazon Posts into Your Daily Business

After Completing the Amazon Posts Course

You Will be Able to:

  • Navigate Amazon Posts with Confidence

Understand the Amazon Posts Interface: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Amazon Posts works, including the setup of your Store Front and navigating the platform's interface with ease.

  • Master Content Creation for Amazon Posts

Design Stunning Visuals: Learn how to create eye-catching visuals that attract and engage your target audience, using easy-to-follow design exercises with Canva.

Craft Engaging Copy: Discover the secrets to writing compelling copy that resonates with your audience, utilizing tools like Copy.ai and leveraging AI technology for maximum impact.

  • Implement Effective Marketing Strategies

Develop a Robust Posting System: Establish a consistent and effective posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged and helps increase your brand's visibility on Amazon.

Test and Optimize Content: Become proficient in testing different types of content to see what works best for your audience, allowing you to refine your strategy and improve engagement over time.

Build a Loyal Follower Base: Learn strategies to grow and engage your follower base on Amazon, enabling direct outreach within the Amazon ecosystem and fostering a community around your brand.

  • Increase Visibility and Sales

Boost Product Views and Clicks: Understand how to leverage Amazon Posts to drive more views and clicks to your product listings, significantly increasing the chances of boosting your sales.

  • Analyze and Track Performance

Track Your Success: Learn how to use Amazon's built-in analytics tools to track the performance of your posts, gain insights into customer behavior, and use this data to make informed decisions.

Get instant access NOW!

Join The Ultimate Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers

Unleash the Full Potential of Amazon Posts

  • Master Amazon Posts

Video tutorials teaching you how to get started with Amazon Posts and implement it in your daily business.

  • Create Content that Captures your Audience

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to create catchy content that make your audience stop and stare.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you're not using Amazon Posts to grow your business, you're falling behind. Leverage Amazon Posts to increase your visibility and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Get Ready for Amazon Inspire

Be part of the Social Media revolution on the Amazon platform. Create shoppable Posts and interract even more with your audience.



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Risk-Free Guarantee

Try our course for 14 Days and see the results for yourself

We're confident that our course will be a game-changer for you, and therefore we offer a 14-day risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you don't see results or feel that the course isn't right for you, we'll issue a full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Who's behind intelliBRAND?

Find out more about the founders of intelliBRAND and the creators of this Amazon Posts Course

At our core, we are a team of Amazon service providers with years of experience helping thousands of sellers improve their ranking and visibility on the platform. Our expertise extends beyond Amazon, as we have also worked with numerous clients to create and optimize their social media presence, building brand recognition and driving traffic to their listings.

In addition to our service provider work, we are also Amazon sellers and marketers ourselves. This unique perspective allows us to understand the needs and challenges of sellers at a deeper level, and we've leveraged this knowledge to create a comprehensive course that provides a solution to these challenges. Staying up to date with the latest trends, we started implementing AI in order to streamline both the Amazon operations and our Agency.

By combining our service provider experience with our firsthand knowledge as sellers, we've developed a course that offers a truly comprehensive and effective approach to utilizing Amazon Posts and AI in your daily operations within your Amazon business. Our expertise and experience was put together in this course so more-and-more entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

Marcel Marculescu

Co-Founder of intelliRANK®

Marcel Marculescu is the CEO and co-founder of intelliRANK®, a Romanian entrepreneur. Strategist, digital-marketer and Amazon seller, with over 20 years of experience in the IT-field, eCommerce marketing expert. Driven by a strong desire to discover new things and share the knowledge, he's helped thousands of Amazon sellers launch, rank, and create brand-awareness for their products.

Larisa Herbai

Co-Founder of intelliRANK®

Larisa Herbai is the CMO and co-founder of intelliRANK®. As a marketing expert, social media strategist and eCommerce seller she has helped numerous clients increase their sales on Amazon, Shopify and Walmart. Knowing that the digital marketing landscape can be quite tricky at times, her goal is to offer tailored marketing strategies and to develop a solid social media strategy that will work well with every eCommerce business goal. Not only will this help boost sales, but it'll also improve brand reputation among others in the industry thanks to the increased visibility on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a free social media-like feature on the Amazon platform that allows brands to share lifestyle images and stories about their products, directly influencing customer buying decisions. Posts appear on product detail pages, in feeds for related products, and in category-based feeds.

Who is eligible to use Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is currently available to vendors and sellers in the U.S. marketplace who are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. This ensures that only verified brand owners can leverage this feature to promote their products.

What are the main benefits of using Amazon Posts for my business?

The primary benefits include increased product visibility, enhanced brand awareness, driving more traffic to your product pages, and the ability to connect with customers through relatable content. It's a cost-effective tool for engaging potential customers within the Amazon ecosystem.

How do I sign up for Amazon Posts?

To sign up for Amazon Posts, visit posts.amazon.com and follow the sign-up process, which includes verifying your eligibility through Amazon Brand Registry. Once verified, you can start creating and sharing posts about your products.

What kind of content should I create for Amazon Posts?

Your content should focus on lifestyle imagery that showcases your products in real-life situations, highlights product features and benefits, and tells your brand's story. High-quality, visually appealing photos with engaging captions can drive better customer engagement. We recommend integrating UGC as part of your lifestyle pictures.

How does the course help me in mastering Amazon Posts?

The course provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the Amazon Posts interface, creating compelling visuals and copy for your posts, developing effective posting strategies, and managing daily operations. It includes practical advice, tools, and exercises, such as a Canva exercise for designing visuals and suggestions for utilizing AI tools for copywriting, to ensure you can effectively use Amazon Posts to grow your business.

Join the Ultimate Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers

The Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers is more than a course; it's your roadmap to leveraging the untapped potential of Amazon Posts. With step-by-step instructions, practical strategies, and real success stories, you'll have all the tools you need to transform your Amazon presence starting tomorrow.

Don't let your high-quality products go unnoticed. Enroll in Amazon Posts Course for Amazon Sellers today and unlock the full potential of Amazon Posts

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